30+ Best Expert RPM Tips To Maximize Your Website Revenue

What is the one tip that you wish you knew before you started using display ads on your site, and why would it have helped you grow your RPM (Revenue Per Mille) faster ? We asked this question to more than 30 experts, and here are their answers.
30+ Best Expert RPM Tips To Maximize Your Website Revenue

High-quality Images

Feature photographs are popular, but including more images in your blog posts makes them more visually appealing to your readers. Image quality is becoming more essential to Google, as evidenced by their increased focus on Image Search Results and their mention in Google Search Console. We're delighted to announce that in many cases, the obnoxiously stockish-looking photographs that were wreaking havoc on web pages have been removed. Even free image databases prefer high-quality images.


Add Video

We advocate cleaning up whatever you can do without on your mobile layout to best optimize your video strategy for the most earnings. Things might get distracting for a user, and on less busy sites, video completion rates are greater. Delay the pop-up for your newsletter till later in the session. It's not the nicest experience to have it show up immediately when the video starts playing, and it can lead to a greater bounce rate. Finally, videos that appear at the bottom of the screen have improved video performance

Replace Your Docs

Produce current and original material

The word page RPM (Revenue Per Mille) is no longer a foreign concept to you, as we are familiar with it from our Adsense terminology and meanings. Page RPM is not a monetary metric that indicates how much you will earn for 1000 ad impressions; rather, it is a measurement of how much you will earn. Essentially, the Page RPM is decided only by the predicted income, which is raised based on how much advertisers are willing to pay for ad impressions. As the money fluctuates, the page RPM fluctuates as well. As a result, as a publisher who earns money via Google Adsense, you must keep a watch on the shifting value shown by page RPM. Follow these steps to boost your AdSense RPM quickly: The first step is to increase the quality of your content and concentrate on attracting targeted visitors. Attempt to produce current and original material with well-managed keywords and a clean style free of grammatical and spelling errors. The second method is to maintain a constant emphasis on increasing organic/search engine traffic. The third option is to choose a high-paying CPC term. The use of high-cost-per-click (CPC) keywords is also more beneficial for increasing Adsense earnings. Make an effort to include high-paying keywords that are linked to the material that will be published. The higher a keyword pays, the greater the PPC rate and hence the money.

Chief Editor of vpnAlert

Too Many Advertisements Should Be Avoided

Adsense display ads are graphical advertisements that appear in a variety of ad forms. And page visits are the most important factor in increasing RPM. You should decrease or lower the number of advertisements that are not working properly, as shown by the Adsense Ad Review Center control panel. Furthermore, it is suggested that specialised channels be used. The most crucial aspect to consider when installing numerous advertisements on the site is Google ad impressions.

Many ideas, in my opinion, are adequate; you do not need to spend more time studying about page RPM or any other aspect of SEO in depth. All of these items will be shown for free by the search engine. Furthermore, since you have no control over your impressions or clicks, or how much advertisers would pay for advertisements with a high CPC, I would propose that the greatest approach to increase your revenue is to INCREASE YOUR TRAFFIC.

Anjelica Rivera, Sales & Marketing Director, celltrackingapps

Try and make all of the ad units on mobile responsive

I'm new to RPM, but my best tip is to try and make all of the ad units on mobile responsive. This was a hassle for me, but it made my pages much cleaner, and I started getting a lot more impressions.Using multiple ad networks on a site can increase RPMs, but it's important to keep track of how each network is performing and adjust the mix of networks accordingly.For example, I added a second network to one of my sites that had two ad units on each page. After a few months, I discovered that the CPMs from the new network were significantly lower than the existing network. The new network was still doing a great job of filling my inventory, but it was dragging down my overall RPM by serving low CPM ads next to high CPM ads.My solution was to decrease the weighting of the low CPM network and increase the weighting of the high CPM network. This increased my overall RPM by over 20%.Using multiple ad networks on a site can increase RPMs, but it's important to keep track of how each network is performing and adjust the mix of networks accordingly.For example, I added a second network to one of my sites that had two ad units on each page. After a few months, I discovered that the CPMs from the new network were significantly lower than the existing network. The new network was still doing a great job of filling my inventory, but it was dragging down my overall RPM by serving low CPM ads next to high CPM ads.My solution was to decrease the weighting of the low CPM network and increase the weighting of the high CPM network. This increased my overall RPM by over 20%.

Shawn Richards, Expedition Coordinator and Master Adventurer, Ultimate Kilimanjaro

Enhance the user's experience

The objective should be to provide clean and appropriate ad content, and it may take some trial and error to determine the optimal quantity of advertisements to display.

Start with a few, though, and make an effort to keep it that way throughout the process. Because we know that raising the numbers will not result in a significant rise in page RPM. One of the most straightforward methods to improve user experience is to restrict the number of advertisements shown on a website and ensure even distribution across the page.

If consumers scroll down the page to read the whole material, it is preferable to have a few ad units BTF rather than a large number of ad units ATF

Jeff Mains, CEO, Champion Leadership Group LLC

Try Ad Refresh - Use Header Bidding

Try Ad Refresh

You can use ad refresh instead of increasing the number of ad units. However, Google prohibits you from refreshing AdSense adverts. And that is precisely the objective. You can efficiently work with different ad networks, execute header bidding, and handle ad refresh. If AdSense fails to deliver an ad, you can let other ad networks bid for the ad impression and win it. Those advertisements can be renewed. Otherwise, you can sign up for Google Ad Exchange and have the ads refreshed from there.

Use Header Bidding

Header bidding is a programmatic advertising technique that allows you to offer your ad space to multiple ad networks, which then bid for the opportunity to place an ad in your content.

Allowing ad exchanges to compete for advertisement placements is an effective way to maximise your advertising revenue. Instead of selling your inventory to the biggest exchanges, traditionally done using the waterfall model of ad selling, you sell your space to the highest bidding exchange.

Switching to header bidding from the waterfall will also reduce ad loading times, increasing ad viewability and effectiveness.

OA Design Services

From straightforward static images and animation to interactive applications and videos

It’s well-known that display or banner ads often feature a product brand, image, and CTA. But I didn’t know that display marketing and ads can range from straightforward static images and animation to interactive applications and videos.

I have seen that one thing remains unchanged, while clicked on by a viewer, they link back to my business website. Being a top-notch tool for brand awareness, display ads could offer me the power to demonstrate my brand creatively throughout the internet and to thousands of potential customers.

If I used to display ads effectively, it could increase ROI with retargeting. The retargeted ads platform is considerably better than the standard display ads, which I understood much later. It can improve the ROI and RPM as I am already targeting users who have a previous interest in my product. Therefore, CTR for retargeting ads is usually 0.7% compared to 0.07% at the top of the funnel.


Target the right audience and do A/B testing

The correct audience targeting helps optimize your RPM, ensuring that everyone who sees your display ads can engage with your brand.

When you add A/B testing to the mix, this is a powerful tool that helps you refine your ads and campaigns to ensure you can boost your RPM exponentially.

arriet Chan, the co-founder, and marketing director of CocoFinder

The higher the CTR, the higher the page RPM

Initially, I didn’t know that using the right formats for display ads on the site can significantly help increase the revenue per mile faster. Also, AdSense offers display ads and a wide array of ad formats, including text ads and expandable ads.

I wasn’t sure how to experiment with the formats and then settle on the correct ones as there’s no guarantee that I can earn more if I replace display ads with video ads. After I acquired relevant information on using display ads on my site and its practical advantage, I have tried a combination of the formats and found a sweet spot immediately.

I ensured those display ads were highly relevant and resonated amazingly with the readers by targeting criteria, using an ad network, and optimizing it. The CTR and CPC are the two factors that helped me grow my RPM faster. The higher the CTR, the higher the page RPM, initially low on my site. I started serving ads programmatically, and instinctively, audience targeting was taken care of.

Lynda Fairly, Co-founder, Numlooker

Upgrade AdSense to Ad Exchange, Setup Header Bidding

We have many tips to grow RPMs for ad monetized publishers. In fact, we have a free Chrome Extension tool that gives customized tips to publishers after scanning their domain. I would break down the most important RPM growth opportunities into the below three steps with the last one being the most important:

  1. Upgrade AdSense to Ad Exchange
  2. Implement Google Ad Manager (GAM)
  3. Setup Header Bidding

Header bidding is the most important RPM booster because it runs an effective RPM auction so that publishers' know that every one of their ad impressions get the highest RPM bid.

Kean Graham, CEO & Founder, MonetizeMore

Perfect text, logo, and good quality images

Creating display ads has become more crucial nowadays as most of the promotions happen online and the target audience also spends most of their time online. Perfect text, logo, and good quality images will contribute to good quality display ads but we have to create them in different sizes according to the devices but,with responsive ads, we can create display ads of the same size and it will automatically adjust itself according to the screen space which I was not aware of previously and after knowing this it saved a lot of time spent in creating ads and it made the process easier.

BSK Data and Electricals PTY Ltd.

Be creative and innovative

The best thing I wish I knew when I started to cite ads to my business site is to create ads in every possible way and format despite sticking to one particular pattern. Being a little unspecified helps you to work upon your site as per the situations in the future. Another point for the same thing is to use images and texts both for your ads screening. Don't make it only images or only texts. A combination of images and text help the customers know your website more and comprehend it easily. I worked on a similar pattern always therefore, I think it now that being creative gives a different look to your website and its ads too.

Tech Guided

Focus on user experience and ensure the right visitors

Your goal should be providing clean and acceptable ad content and it takes some experiments to find the right number of ads. Thus, you should start with a few and try to stay that way. Remember that increasing numbers won't increase the page RPM substantially. To make sure better UX is to limit the number of ads on the page and ensure that they are dispersed across the page. So if the users are scrolling the page to read the complete content, then you have ad units BTF.

You should attract relevant visitors as it's one of the most important factors. No need to get irrelevant hits, what you need here is quality, so only focus on the right audience. When you attract only the right audience, your RPM will stay at its best value as it will based on your traffic quality.

Julian Goldie, CEO of Goldie Agency

There are three types of RPM

Rather than displaying a publisher's revenue, RPM (Revenue per thousand impressions) estimates how much a publisher will earn for every 1000 impressions.

Bear in mind that you are a publisher. You earned $20 from 1200 page impressions, and your revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) is calculated as follows: RPM = (Estimated Earnings / Page Impressions). * 1000 = Revenue generated per 1,000 impressions

The revolutions per minute (RPM) value equals (20 / 1200) * 1000. RPM is the same as $16.66.

Bear in mind that the Estimated Earnings are calculated by dividing the total number of page impressions, page visits, or searches generated by the total number of page impressions, page visits, or inquiries. As a result, there are three types of RPM: advertisement-based, page-based, and query-based..

  • ad RPM is (expected revenues / ad impressions) * 1000
  • Multiply (expected profits / page views) by 1000 to obtain the page RPM.
  • Query Revenue Per Minute = (expected revenues / number of queries) x 1000

The following are the most successful ways for increasing AdSense revenue per thousand impressions:

The polished articles incorporating the characteristics mentioned above will increase your website's organic traffic. Increase the RPM by including a high-ranking keyword relevant to the niche but does not detract from the content's overall quality. Acquiring high-quality backlinks will increase website traffic. This may be accomplished by utilizing Upniche to assist you in acquiring high-quality and authoritative backlinks that will deliver large quantities of traffic to your website while also being search engine friendly.

DavidReid, Sales Director, VEM Tooling

Wait until site develops organically

I wish we’d held off a little longer and waited until we knew how our site was going to develop organically and the size of the audience that it was going to attract before we pulled the trigger and made a decision. If we’d held off for a year, with a monthly audience in the millions, we would have had a far greater choice and would have been in the driving seat as far as advert and marketing choices are concerned. And ultimately, we would have exponentially increased our immediate revenue stream and profitability.

The Kitchen Community

Have the right ads format

As a business owner, I wish I had seen the great importance of having the right ads format for my website. Though different appearances may be pleasant, the appropriate assessment and evaluation are still necessary to find a suitable style for me. If I just give more attention to it before, I think that I will be able to grow my RPM faster.

Michelle Devani, Founder of lovedevani

Optimize the user experience

RPM is a very important factor to any website as it gives an estimated value of your revenue that you can generate. As a business owner with a website, it is helpful to have an estimated revenue that can be very useful in my business planning. As for me, the best RPM tip is to optimize the user experience. There is no better way to increase your RPM by giving an exceptional user experience to your visitors that they can introduce and endorse to other people. This can greatly help you accumulate page views that increase your RPM.


Format Matters the Most

AdSense is more than just a display ad network. They have video advertisements, expandable ads, and text ads among their ad forms. You'll need to try out different formats before settling on the best one. However, no assurance replacing display advertisements with video ads would increase your earnings, but combining the two types may help you reach the sweet spot. So, what are your existing ad types, and which one is the least effective that you could replace?

Incrementors Inbound Marketing

Combining animated and static display ads is more effective

The most common ads that customers usually come across on majority of other pages are static ads which consists of only images without animations. Usually, the format of these images are either as a JPG or as a PNG file. However, the most effective practice when designing ads is by leveraging clean and clutter-free images that effectively captures the attention of the target audience. By combining animation which could be in either the HTML5 format or the flash format that is quickly gaining popularity today - since search engines are gradually opting against Flash ads - you can achieve the best display ads campaign results. Through a series of changing images and texts withing seconds, animated ads are more effective in capturing the audience’s attention.


Leverage Geofencing

The sole aim of display ads is to increase the reach of a Brand by targeting a specific region or city. However, targeting ads to specific addresses where valuable prospects are located is also possible through a term known as Geofencing. By leveraging Geofencing, a brand can serve ads to the mobile devices of the target audience, even in cases where they are no longer at the targeted address. Businesses can leverage Geofencing to offer prospects good deals that will influence them to take action and make purchases on your platform. You might as well target the location of your competitors with compelling offers that drive traffic and conversion on your platform.

Local Furniture Outlet

The RPM is nothing but earning divided by Number of page views

To increase the RPM for you page the best way to do it is to get great content on your website. Content which are more popular in your area are more likely to get you better traffic. Also, the keywords on your website matters. Make sure the content is extremely SEO friendly. This way Google can target your website for advertisers who are opting for certain keyword targeting.


You need to write good content

Increasing RPM in AdSense is just the same as increasing it for anything else you need to write good content, improve organic traffic, focus on good keywords, fix crawling problems, and don't crowd your site with too many ads (it'll decrease user experience and increase things like bounce rate).

Here are some quick tips:
  • Target and Create content for visitors from developed countries.
  • Increase organic traffic (search engine traffic) by doing SEO.
  • Do keyword research in the niche of your websites and concentrate on creating content which include high ranking keywords.
  • Do A/B testing for advert placements and put them strategically. Include one ad at the end of posts for sure.
  • Decrease bounce rate by creating high quality content which will also fetch high CPC adverts.
  • Make sure that your website is dynamic and is optimized for speed.

The cost per click and impression for some formats is more than others

It is possible to accept various forms on your website: text, display, video, rich media, and expandable advertisements are just a few of the alternatives available to you. The cost per click and impression for some formats is more than others.

That does not imply that converting all of your ad inventory to video ads will result in an increase in page RPM for your website. Ideally, you'd want to experiment and figure out the best combination of formats to use to improve your income performance.

Ad sizes are also available in a range of shapes and sizes that have been established and standardized by industry organizations such as the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). The International Advertising Bureau (IAB) released standards in 2017 based on image proportions rather than predetermined sizes. Some ad sizes are utilized more frequently by advertisers than others, resulting in greater competition in those areas.

Implementing these advertisements would increase the CPC of your advertisements, resulting in a higher page RPM. Some ad sizes are also more effective than others and have higher cost-per-click (CPC) rates. While you should always experiment to determine which ad size is most effective for you, in general, larger ad sizes tend to have higher cost-per-click (CPC) rates.


Generate more organic traffic

We focus on generating more organic traffic for our website because this ensures more clicks and therefore, an improved CTR, CPC, and CPM. So, ultimately this will have the biggest effect on improving our page RPM. If a page has low RPM, which is an indicator of the poor performance of ads on the site, we can change the placement of the ads there or maybe even change the layout to have a better RPM.

Hopefully, this answer is helpful to you. You can contact me at the same email address for any follow-up questions. Also, feel free to modify or edit the answer to support your publishing requirements.


Use more images from the start

I wish I'd used more images from the start. It increases user engagement, makes visitors stay on your page for longer and ultimately increases the amount of ads seen. At first I was just including one or two images (at the most) per post and since increasing the number of images I've seen my RPM rise.

Guitar Inside Out

Optimize site for different languages

Having a website means you’re accessible and visible around the world. Anyone can visit your site anytime from anywhere. If you don’t have an option in your site where your visitors can switch to their preferred language, they’ll immediately leave your site the moment they can’t find that switch button. And I’ve missed having one on my site. If only I'd considered optimizing for it, I could have more visitors staying longer and my site’s revenue per mile (RPM) would have grown faster.

One crucial factor that increases a page RPM is repeated visitors. With an option to switch languages, your visitors stay longer on your site. Giving them the best experience they can have, and the more likely they’re going to visit again. Thus, the faster your RPM grows over time.

Home Gym Strength

Display ads are not as effective as search ads

The one tip that I wish I knew before I started using display ads on my site is that it is not as easy as it sounds. Display ads are not as effective as search ads and it is hard to find the right balance between cost and performance.


Optimize your Images & Logo

This means that you should make your images and brand logo look good. These ads should have clear and simple brand logos (with a 1:1 or 4:1 aspect ratio) and clear and simple brand names that are easy for people to read and understand. Your main picture should be clear and of good quality. Avoid adding text, making collages, or leaving a lot of space.

The main picture should be in a real place, with a real background and natural shadows and lighting. It's OK for the aspect ratios to be 1.91:1 and 1:1. In general, it's better to have a lot more 1.91:1 photos than 1:1 ones.

How effective is an ad that isn't seen in terms of sales? Not at all. Advertisers and publishers are more and more using this metric to judge ad campaigns. Advertisers are starting to pay only for impressions that people can see, which is a new trend. In fact, according to eMarketer, desktop viewability is around 50%. This means that almost half of the money spent on advertising goes to ads that people never see. It would be not good for publishers if the industry suddenly started only paying for impressions that were seen. They would lose a big chunk of their money that way. So, it's in everyone's best interest to make things easier to read and understand.


Enhance ad viewability

One crucial factor that is impacting a page’s RPM is viewability. Thus, enhancing ad viewability directly equates to a better and improved Revenue Per Mille. Unfortunately, I never knew this fact when I started using display ads on my site. I’ve optimized my ads formats and sizes, diversified my ad networks, and focused on my content’s quality. But not enhanced ad’s viewability. Though I still managed to grow my RPM, I could have done more if only I knew about it..

By simply fine-tuning your ad layout and placement, you're already increasing the viewability of your ad units.

Alarm Journal

Segmenting adverts based on audience needs

One thing that I wish I knew before we started using display ads on our website was the importance of segmenting adverts based on audience needs. Before, we’d create general display ads which would appear around our site regardless of our audience’s needs. This, of course, meant that we had fewer clicks on our ads because they were too generalized. After some time, we realized that there needed to be a change, and started experimenting with specific ads based on individual site pages and the topics of those pages. While this change did create less clicks per ad, overall, our RPM improved because the ads were being shown to more specific audience members based on their reasons for visiting our website. Personalization and segmentation are now an extremely important part of our marketing strategy and these tactics come into play in a wide range of our marketing efforts

SethPrice, Price Benowitz Accident Injury Lawyers, LLP

Choose the right divs/areas where your ad has to be displayed

There were many things that I wished I knew before displaying ads on my website. First of all, you should choose the right divs/areas where your ad has to be displayed. The ad must be responsive to any size of the screen so that they don’t get distorted when viewed on a mobile phone or tablet. You must optimize the brand logo and the images as they are a source of recognition for your business. The ads you have to place on your website should be categorized accordingly. They must relate to the website content you are offering so that people could be interested in them.

Cash Offer Please

Choose the right ad sizes

You should know that Google recommends the publishers use wider and better page RPM. For example, I've seen that ad units such as the medium rectangle (300x250) or large rectangle (336x280) and leaderboard (728x90) all yield greater results for publishers. So you will get better page RPM when you have an ad unit that has higher competition.

Besides, based on my experience, larger ad sizes tend to have higher CTR and increase your RPM as well. For a better result, you should consider ad viewability. Keep this in mind, the more viewability, the better the ad rates will be.

Sergey Nikonenko, Chief Operating Officer at Purrweb

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Is the adaptability of ad units important to increase the profitability of the site?
Of course, in order to increase RPM and maximize your site's revenue, you need to make all ad units on mobile devices responsive. The main thing to remember is that using multiple ad networks on a site can increase your CPM revenue, but it's important to

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