EPMV by Word Per Page: What is the most revenue-generating article length?

Any owner of their own website can view detailed statistics for their website using the Ezoic Big Data Analytics product. Thanks to this product, a huge array of information opens, having studied which you can understand how you can increase income and attract even more visitors.

Big data analytics and statistics by word count

In this analytics, you can see literally everything that may be of interest to the site owner, including the length of the article that brings the most income.

To find this information, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your personal account from Ezoic;
  2. In the left sidebar, select the Content function;
  3. In the drop-down list of this function, select Page Information.

By clicking this button, a simple and understandable diagram will open in front of the site owner, and there will also be a table below, in which this diagram is deciphered.

Chart data overview

Once in this menu, the user will see a table consisting of the following items:

  1. Number of words per article;
  2. Page views;
  3. Average page load time;
  4. Page engagement rate;
  5. Bounce rate;
  6. Revenue;
  7. Page RPM;
  8. Exit percentage.

Consider this table in more detail.

Articles 1000 - 2500 characters long.

In this case, articles with a length of 1000 - 2500 characters become the leader in popularity. The page views where such content is posted are 1,434,199, which is 50 percent of the total number of views. It turns out that users of this particular site are more interested in short and laconic articles, but at the same time not entirely short. As for the page load time, for this indicator it is equal to 00:40. The page engagement rate is also quite high here - 52 percent. This means that users like the content that the site owner offers them. The percentage of refusals in comparison with others for this category of texts is average in value and is equal to 30 percent. This category of texts brought a good income in this particular case - $ 8,560.35, which is 54.64 percent of the total income. Now on to the fun part of this line.

The RPM parameter indicated in the table means the cost of one thousand requests for all blocks, including those for which it was not possible to find an advertisement. This indicator for texts with a length of 1000 - 2500 is equal to $ 5.97. This is the highest indicator in the entire table, which means that it is this category of texts that brought the greatest income to the site owner.

The last item in this table is the yield percentage. This item shows how much has left the page, while it is assumed that the visitor has already visited other pages before. In this case, it equals 84.76%, which is not the highest figure in the table.

Articles 750 - 1000 characters long.

In second place in popularity are articles with a length of 750 - 1000 characters. The page views where such content is posted are 445,753, which is 15.57 percent of the total number of views. It turns out that users of this particular site are also interested in medium-sized articles. As for the page load time, for this indicator it is 00:34. The page engagement rate is almost the same, 49%. As for the Bounce rate compared to others in this category is 29%, which is only one percent higher than that of the leading position. As for the income brought by articles of this size, it is $ 2,247, which is almost 15 percent of the total income.

The RPM parameter for each parameter should be considered separately. In this case, it is $ 5.04. This is practically the average indicator from the entire table, so articles of this size, one might say, also enter the users of this site. The exit rate in this case is 84 percent, which is even one percent below the average.

Articles are 2500 - 5000 characters long.

The third option that can be considered in this table is articles with the number of characters from 2500 to 5000. Such texts are in third place in this table for one reason, which is related to their views and other parameters. The index of page views for these texts is 393 thousand 815 dollars, which is 13.76 percent of the total number of views. The average page load time in this case is 00:41, which is also a good indicator, as in other cases. Page engagement rate affects reach and impressions, and also estimates the likelihood of targeted actions. For this type of articles, this figure is 52 percent, and this figure is even higher than the average presented in the table. The bounce rate is 25 percent, the lowest in this statistic. These articles for the site owner brought income in the amount of 2,246.82 dollars, which, as in the previous case, amounted to 14.84 percent of the total earnings.

The turnover of pages per minute, or RPM, is $ 5.71 here. The exit percentage is 85 percent.

Articles 500 - 750 characters.

The fourth option in this table no longer has such excellent indicators, where the number of words in an article is 500 - 750. Page views with such a number of characters in articles are equal to 250 thousand 313, which is only almost 9 percent of the total number of views. The average pageview time for this metric is 00:34, which is very close to the average. The page engagement rate is 51 percent, and this figure is equal to that which indicates the average for all types of articles by character. The bounce rate is thirty percent, which is not the best rate and even more than the average. With regard to income, it is equal to one thousand 194 dollars, of the total income, this is almost 8 percent.

In terms of page revolutions per minute, this figure is equal to almost five dollars, which is very close to the average value of total revenue. The exit percentage is 85 percent, which is the same for many of the indicators already discussed, and this value is also equal to the average.

Articles 0 - 250 characters.

The fifth option is quite rare - from 0 to 250 characters in the text. Such a publication can in no way be called an article, but nevertheless, such a meaning is present in analytics. Page views for him are equal to 141 thousand 961, which is only 4.96 percent of the total number of views. These articles have the lowest average page load time at 00:25. The engagement rate and bounce rate is 38 percent each, and this is the lowest rate compared to the rest of the number of characters in the article. Such items also bring very little income, for such an indicator for the period under review it is equal to $ 344.36, which is only 2 percent of the total earnings.

RPM for this type of article is also lower than in other cases, only $ 2.43. With regard to the bounce rate, it is 82 percent.

Articles 200 - 500 characters.

200 - 500 characters in the article are also not particularly popular among the site visitors from the example. Their metrics are largely similar to the previous option, only higher page revolutions per minute - $ 2.76, and also a bounce rate of 84 percent.

Articles over 5000 characters.

The most outsider in this analytics is articles with more than 5 thousand characters. Page views with such content are equal to only 63 thousand 534, which is only two percent of the total number of views. Average load time 00:46. The page engagement rate is 50 percent, which is, in principle, close to the overall average, but in all other parameters it does not matter. The bounce rate is thirty percent. Such pages bring in income only $ 183. The page RPM is $ 2.87 and the bounce rate is 84 percent.

From all this studied data, we can conclude that in this particular case, for a specific site from which this big data analytics is taken, the best article should contain from 1000 to 2500 characters, and definitely should not be more than 5000 characters.

It is worth noting that for each user who wants to get analytics of their website, the numbers, and indeed all statistics, will be radically different from this, but the categories of data that can be found out and that are located in the left side menu of the  Ezoic platform   are the same always for all users.

Big Data Analytics from Ezoic

At the core of analytics is turning data into insightful actions that add value to the organization. But the rise of structured and unstructured data, also known as big data, has radically changed the function of analytics.

For example, Ezoic ad revenue index confirms the productivity of interaction with the program. That is, by conducting analytics, you can increase the level of income.

With the help of Ezoic Big Data Analytics, you can increase your revenue and improve your SEO and many other metrics. The income generated can be linked to literally any criterion, for example, income from the number of words or categories.

Also, thanks to this product, you can get transparent reporting on advertising: find out how income changes depending on the size of advertising, partners and some other factors.

Income reporting can be obtained in real time, that is, literally every minute you can see how much money the site is currently generating. It is also possible to analyze income by authors, topics and many other criteria. This allows you to find out what attributes and qualities the highest paying content has.

In addition, you can find out which types of visitors are most interested and generate the most ad revenue.

With the help of Ezoic Big Data Analytics, you can connect Google rankings to site data. This will help you to see how ranking positions, CTR and seasonality affect revenue and the number of visits.

You can also find out what the audience likes the most. You can find out if your audience appreciates investments in new formats, a faster site, or changes in layout. In addition, you can understand how much visitors are viewing articles and find out at what points they have the worst experience.

This analytics can be obtained by any site owner for free, simply by registering in the Big Data Analytics system from Ezoic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the optimal article length for maximum income?
According to EzoicAds Big Data Analytics, articles 1000 - 2500 characters long can generate the most revenue. For example, the views of pages where such content is posted are 1,434.199, which is equal to 50 percent of the total number of views.
How to track the length of the article that generates the most revenue on the site?
You can track the length of the article that brings the most revenue on the site using Big data analytics from Ezoic. To do this, log into your personal account from Ezoic and select the “Content” function on the left sidebar. From the drop-down list for this feature, select Page Info.
How does article length correlate with EPMV, and what is the optimal word count per page for maximizing revenue?
The correlation between article length and EPMV varies. Generally, longer articles might generate higher EPMV due to increased engagement and time on page. However, the most revenue-generating length depends on content quality, audience preference, and the site's niche.

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