Ezoic Premium Automatic Downgrade: A Boon Or A Bane?

Ezoic Premium Automatic Downgrade: A Boon Or A Bane?

The 21st Century is considered the Age of Information due to the rapid increase in the use of technology by the people. The use of such technology in our daily lives gives us an increase in efficiency and quality while working. Before, only major companies benefited monetarily from the use of technology. But now, anyone who accesses or uses modern technology such as the internet, social media, websites, and others can earn from it. This is the beauty that technology can offer. It can be beneficial to anyone and can help change the course of our lives. By maximizing the right use of it, anyone can enjoy and earn from it. It can be a fast lending machine that offers enjoyment and money.

Despite the growth opportunity, you can get with these modern technologies, most of us have faced a wall that blocks our way to success. These hindrances could be the industry's continuing evolution, the high competition in this field, or the lack of expertise in maneuvering this type of content. The different digital system has been born to fight this problem. Many developers have created a way to help content creators fix this problem and aid them in their success. Among these systems, one emerges as leading and successful. It is no other than the company named Ezoic.

Who Is Ezoic?

Ezoic is one of the globally recognized google platform created to help publishers boosts their sites and earn from it. Founded in 2010, its goal is to help and promote publishers to ensure their web site's user experience continually increases, so their incomes increase. It is to take note that user experience and income significantly correlate. If the user continually visits their sites and spends time there, the greater the income is generated. In short, the more there are customers, the more money you can earn. That is why Dwayne Lafleur, the founder of Ezoic, created this company to solve the problems the publishers encounter on their websites.

What Does Ezoic Offer?

Ezoic offers eight digital products that are designed for different technological problems. These are monetization, levels, site scores, SEO, video, cloud, leap, and analytics. These products can be accessed free of charge for publishers monetizing their websites.

As a buyer, you have two options to choose from. The Ezoic Access Now serve for websites with under 10 thousand views monthly, or the standard option designed for websites with over 10 thousand views monthly.

Ezoic's regular products offer a 30-day free trial, meaning you will keep 100% of the display advertisement generated on your websites and afterward, they will keep 10% of this income as commission, and will keep helping you increase your page views, site quality and grow your EPMV.

Standard Ezoic monetization methods and some other products are totally free to use, and will only help you increase your digital passive income.

But if you wish to use Ezoic's premium subscription product, they have three options.

First is the Ezoic Pro which costs $5.99 monthly or $49.99 annually. The other two subscription products, Premium and VIP are only accessible via invitation. This means Ezoic will be the one sending this invitation if they deem that your company is something that shares their value.

This invite-only premium has 11 options. From the starter option, which costs $22 for $33 to $42 extra earnings from premium advertisers, up to the seven diamond, which costs $50,000 monthly for $68,000 to $78,000 extra premium ads earnings.

Is Using Ezoic Worth It?

If you are in the business of monetizing your website and want to make sure to lessen internet traffic, data analysis, increase site speed, and others, yes, it is worth it. The premium invitation product has 14 days trial and then offers a $44 monthly in exchange for a promise of $68 revenue. If you continue to use it, you can earn an average increase of 60 percent, which is more than what you have spent during your subscription.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Ezoic?

Some of the benefits you can get from subscribing to Ezoic are faster data processing, data optimizing for faster page speed as it compresses images and videos, managing heavy loads, and many more. Other than that, it also offers a data analyzing dashboard to track what’s happening to your premium if you have multiple websites enrolled here. Furthermore, it also offers real-time data, so it can help adjust the functionalities needed by your sites.

Ezoic Premium Eligibility

If your website has successfully reached the designated goal, you can be eligible to upgrade your plan to a higher plan containing features that will help your site. This offers you and opportunity to increase your goal, and you can easily access these changes on their website.

On the other hand, if you decide to upgrade but the upgraded plan is not fit your website, it automatically switches back down to the lower plan. In short, it can downgrade itself if your website is not earning enough that meets your current chosen plan. This ensures that you are not losing money at any cost.

Is Downgrade A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?

In this case, the automatic downgrade Ezoic offers are beneficial. They ensure that their customers get the best of their products and initiate the changes, especially if they know it is no longer beneficial. On the subscribers’ part, it will help you spend less knowing that your current chosen product is not aligned with your goal. This means they are doing you a favor in ensuring that you are using their products in the best possible way.

Although they can automatically do downgrades, they cannot do upgrades without the customer’s consent. So You can just change subscription plans if you think you need them, and they can just automatically downgrade it if they think your current decision is not at the best.

What Should I Do To Increase My Revenue When My Premium Is Downgraded?

There are a lot of ways to increase website revenue. Take note that Ezoic is there to assist you, and you can still do other things to increase user experience that can lead to an increase in revenue. You can do the following:

Other ways you can do to increase your EPMV are:

Ezoic’S Proof Of Success

The success of Ezoic is incomparable. In 2021, they were able to generate 1.03 billion monthly from their customers, which is a significant breakthrough for the company. They are also in partnership with the Balderton Capital, which is the biggest European Union tech startup investor. Furthermore, in 2016, they were awarded Google’s innovation Award.

Ezoic is a gift for publishers who are struggling with their websites. They will help you with your website setbacks and assist you reaching your desired goal based on the subscription plan you choose. They also offer complimentary products, which can help websites to boost earnings for thousands of visitors, also called EPMV. Is it worth it? Absolutely yes. Is it helpful? Definitely. Ezoic can genuinely help you grow your EPMV and can cater to your Web publishing needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if you get downgraded to lower EzoicAds premium plan?
Actually, you don’t need to take any specific action if you get downgraded, as the whole process is automatic and you will not pay more than you earn. However, you might want to double check your SEO, use all the optimization tools provided, update your existing articles, and write more quality articles to increase your website traffic.
★★★★★ Ezoic Premium plan downgrade Getting downgraded automatically is a good thing, as it will ensure that you do not pay more for Ezoic premium than you will earn, resulting from a lack of sufficient earnings on your websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you choose Ezoic Premium?
Definitely, if you choose Ezoic Premium, you will get the benefits in the form of the ability to place AdSense ads on the terms of a Premium account (up to 5 blocks instead of 3) and analyze detailed statistics about traffic and site behavioral factors.
How can I upgrade to Premium and VIP plans from EzoicAds?
These Premium and VIP rates from EzoicAds are available by invitation only. This means that you will need to send an invitation, and if Ezoic believes that your company shares their values, then you will be given access to transfer.
What are the main benefits of using Ezoic?
The main benefits you can get from an Ezoic subscription include faster data processing, data optimization for faster page speed as it compresses images and videos, heavy load management, and more. Plus, it also offers real-time data, so it can help you set up the features your sites need.
What are the implications of an automatic downgrade in Ezoic Premium for publishers, and how can this be assessed as either beneficial or detrimental?
An automatic downgrade in Ezoic Premium could mean lower monthly fees but also potentially reduced access to premium ad rates and features. This could be beneficial for publishers with fluctuating traffic but detrimental for those relying on consistent premium ad revenue. Publishers should assess based on their traffic stability and revenue goals.

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